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Hello Ladies,

24 Hours Escort is an escort agency in Amsterdam area, we are always looking for new ladies who want to work as an escort.

Escort Casting

We are looking for women aged 21 and over, with valid passport and residence permit to please. Our male customers in various ways

Our requirements are:.

Good command of the English language.

Friendly, cheerful and open minded attitude.

You do not have to be super handsome but proper grooming and appearance have a representative.

They will be expected of you that you are good company and you can adapt to all conditions

Many men expect a Real Girlfriend Experience, you also need a glove written this role.

If you are thinking about for 24 Hours Escort Amsterdam to work, or you realize that it is necessary to make. A professional photo shoot

Working as an Escortgirl in Amsterdam

As you can see are almost all the ladies on our website with photos, personal information and a brief description, we will use your photos to post in order to settle. Bookings for you on our websites

If you would like to remain anonymous, we can also cover your face, although the ladies who show their face or get more bookings.

Do you remember interest to send at least one photo with your motivation and who knows, we invite you for an interview.

Escort Girls Wanted in Amsterdam

The principle of an escort is simple. A customer calls the office and explains what he is looking for. The agency then looks for a suitable wife for. If you are, you will be called by the desk and picked up by the driver.

Escort is exciting and varied. You come to people’s homes. You will remain anonymous, but you know the customer immediately his address.

If you go to a hotel, the hotel knows which person goes with the room number, as he is checked in with his passport.

People from outside the idea that escort work is very unsafe. You are indeed only if you are a customer. But there are a number of security measures to build.

Looking for a Escort job in Amsterdam

In the first place, a good escort more than one phone only. They try to get a picture of the customers and check his data. If it’s good they have a black list of customers. The operator asks the customer for his good wishes and tells about the terms, such as price and safe sex. Secondly, the customer knows that a driver is nearby. If there is one hour and the bureau will hear nothing from you, there will even be contacted if everything is okay.

And thirdly, it is very important to use your intuition. Nine out of ten women who had a problem with a customer told afterwards that she did not feel good about. “So, do not like it you immediately get out or does not go inside. Do not go with the customer in the sea if there is something wrong with the agreements made in advance.


– You work 100% anonymous. You have something to do with anyone.

– The earnings can be good.

– It’s exciting and varied work.

– You can organize your own time if you have no escort.


– You’re on your own. Sometimes you miss the contact with another colleague, someone just to swap out. Tips

Remember your motivation and to send. Least one photo

Intrested? Call us +31646454948 WatsApp +31 (0)6 46454948


See you soon.

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Work As Escort in Amsterdam

24 Hours Escort is an escort agency in Amsterdam area, we are always looking for new ladies who want to work as an escort. Read more....

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At 24/7 Hours Escort, we offer more than the others. Our business truly is your pleasure, so why not give us a call and let us fulfill your dreams!

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